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New technology that uses plant residues normally wasted in forest management for the production of resin with the aim of replacing fossil fuels with renewable resources. OUR AIM IS TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM SUSTAINABILITY

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Why use recyclable plastic bags?

Recyclable plastic bags have become indispensable due to society’s growing concern for the environment and the need to take measures to delay the process of wear and tear on the planet. These solutions are increasingly in demand since they provide a multitude of benefits compared to the use of other

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6 reasons why you should use personalized packaging

Packaging has become one more element that makes up the product, in fact it is the first thing that the customer will perceive about our product, which is why more and more companies and brands are betting on investing in everything that makes up the presentation of their product. .

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Prenves: our commitment to the environment.

Prenves Plastics is one of the companies most aware of sustainability and the environment, and we not only generate 100% of the energy we consume and are committed to renewable energy, but we have also implemented the circular economy. Zero waste: recycled plastic bags and waste management We dedicate great

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The carbon footprint

Plastic does NOT cause massive felling of trees. And the paper? Definition of  CARBON FOOTPRINT:  It represents the total volume of greenhouse gases that results from the manufacturing of a product. Currently there is great awareness regarding sustainability and greater involvement is requested from everyone. When distributors, large stores or small

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