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Prenves: our commitment to the environment.

Prenves Plastics is one of the companies most aware of sustainability and the environment, and we not only generate 100% of the energy we consume and are committed to renewable energy, but we have also implemented the circular economy.

Zero waste: recycled plastic bags and waste management

We dedicate great efforts to achieving ‘zero’ waste, to making the most of all the resources in all phases of our company’s production process. Thanks to this work, in 2019 we managed to complete the cycle of the circular economy.

To this end, we have incorporated into our bag offering, items made from recycled materials in different percentages, reaching up to 100% in some products.

All our materials are 100% recyclable

Our entire offer is based on using the most suitable material for each situation, using the maximum amount of recycled material possible depending on the type of bag to be made, up to 100%. However, sometimes properties such as high gloss and transparency are sought that the use of recycled materials does not allow.

Furthermore, depending on the material used to make the bag, it may be made with a greater or lesser percentage of recycling. Among the recycled materials we highlight:

  • PE polyethylene, the most common, and the one that stands out in the industrial sector for having high availability in recycled materials, however, its transparency and brightness are limited.
  • PVC, very versatile and offers high standards of quality, brightness and transparency. To maintain these qualities, we apply ranges from 10% recycling onwards, something completely new in the sector.
  • PP, a material that allows high quality printing at reasonable prices, although the availability of recycled materials is still scarce.

Waste management

On the other hand, we have managed to ensure that all industrial waste generated is managed and treated, either internally to reincorporate it into our production chain, or externally by companies specialized in recycling to be converted into raw materials for other ranges of products. product.

We have achieved the goal of reducing common disposable waste generated in production so much that its levels are even lower if we compare them with domestic activities.

Sustainability and plastics

With the current campaigns against plastic, the importance of this material in the health sector and its contribution to the development and well-being of humanity is ignored.

Paper, or cardboard, have been presented as the great alternative to plastic in some sectors, although when it comes to maintaining hygiene or preserving the product from humidity it is not very effective due to the porosity of the material. Furthermore, it is obvious that the massive felling of trees, the consumption of water in large quantities and the need to use chemical products to achieve the white finish are necessary for the manufacture of paper. All of them factors that do not help the announced sustainability.

The use of plastic as packaging to bag products offers the greatest guarantee of safety and hygiene, preserving the contained products from external factors such as pathogens and humidity. Something that only plastic can provide.

For this reason, at Prenves we recommend the intelligent, reasoned and appropriate use of plastic containers and bags. Our best ally are the three Rs: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

In this way we will ensure that our packaging continues to provide the image of quality, safety and trust that society demands.

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