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Reusable bags for home textile items
document management covers

Recyclable bags and covers.
Infinity of models and sizes.

PVC bags with fuel
Bags with hanger side flap closure
DinA4 4-ring cover with closure. Pack 10 units.
Hanger for courtains and tablecloths. Interior hole 240x33mm.

Manufacturing and Personalization tailored


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About Our Company

Prenves Plastics S.L. is a company specialized in packaging at an industrial level in the home textile sector and in covers for document management and archiving in general. We have extensive experience in these packaging sectors and a set of modern, top-of-the-line technological means for the manufacturing of all our articles.

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New technology that uses plant residues normally wasted in forest management for the production of resin with the aim of replacing fossil fuels with renewable resources. OUR AIM IS TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM SUSTAINABILITY

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Why use recyclable plastic bags?

Recyclable plastic bags have become indispensable due to society’s growing concern for the environment and the need to take measures to delay the process of wear and tear on the planet. These solutions are increasingly in demand since they provide a multitude of benefits compared to the use of other

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