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The carbon footprint

Plastic does NOT cause massive felling of trees. And the paper?

Definition of  CARBON FOOTPRINT:  It represents the total volume of greenhouse gases that results from the manufacturing of a product.

Currently there is great awareness regarding sustainability and greater involvement is requested from everyone. When distributors, large stores or small businesses eliminate some plastic packaging, it is presenting themselves as defenders of ecology when in reality it is pure marketing to attract the consumer while achieving economic savings by dispensing with packaging. that must protect the product.

In other cases, to replace plastic, either due to lack of knowledge or interest, solutions are proposed that have a Much larger carbon footprint, which makes them just the opposite of what they intend, more unsustainable.

To replace a plastic bag, use paper or cardboard even printed fabricswhich they use enormous amounts of resources for their production FINITES and essential for human life such as WATER and the FORESTS, as well as chemical processes with very contaminants.

For this reason, at Prenves Plastics we want to emphasize that using plastic bags and containers intelligently guarantees better than with other materials the safety and quality that any packaged product must offer to the consumer.

We manufacture mostly REUSABLE plastic bags and containers and always with the utmost respect for the environment and by recycling we minimize the impact on nature.

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