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Here you will find the products available for direct purchase. Click on the article and you will access all the information that will allow you to complete the purchase.

BOOK cover cover (Book height 290mm. or 300mm.) Pack 10 units.
DinA5 documentation cover. Measurements 165x225mm. Pack 25 units.
DinA4 4 Rings extendable LARGE CAPACITY Case Pack 10 units
DinA4 4-ring cover with closure. Pack 10 units.
Pocket protector pen holder Pack 25un.
Standard double card sleeve 130x95mm. Pack 50 units.
Primitive cover and tickets DinA7 double Pack 50 units.
DinA6 ticket permit cover. Pack 50 units.
Diptych cover 230x160mm. DinA6 double Pack 50 units.
Case 320x220mm. Double DinA5 with/without card holder Pack 25 units.
DinA7 lottery ticket cover 132x95mm. Pack 50 units.
Diptych photo cover Pack 50un.
DIN A4 vertical or landscape hanger cover. Pack 10un.
Double case 100×50 coins and jewelry Pack 100 units.
Simple coin case 50×50 Pack 100 units.
DinA4 classifying cover with 20 52x52mm pockets. Pack 10 units.
Card holders – 60 business cards Pack 2 units.
Reusable multi-use bag. PVC 125x220mm. Pack 25 units.
Reusable transparent PVC bag 150x180mm. Pack 25 units.
DinA3 case 320x460mm. Pack 10un
Double DinA4 case 460x320mm. Pack 10 units.
Cover 220x320mm. 4 Rings – DinA4 Pack 25 units.
DinA4 PVC cover 220x320mm. Pack 25 units.
DinA4 kangaroo dossier cover Pack 25 units.
DinA5 removable outer cover cover. Measurements 324x224mm. Pack 25 units.
Interior hollow plastic hanger 240x33mm. Pack 25un.
ZIP transparent toiletry bag 230x140mm. Pack 10 units.
Transparent multipurpose bag 110x210mm. Pack 250un.
Transparent multipurpose bag 120x200mm. Pack 250 units.
Din A5 tabletop sign holder. Measurements 220x160mm. Pack 25un.
DinA5 cover with flap 175×230+35mm. Pack 50 units.
Standard card case. Measurements 63x93mm. Pack 50un.
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