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6 reasons why you should use personalized packaging

Packaging has become one more element that makes up the product, in fact it is the first thing that the customer will perceive about our product, which is why more and more companies and brands are betting on investing in everything that makes up the presentation of their product. . One of the best options to achieve this is to personalize the packaging to differentiate the brand. This may seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, but we will tell you some of the reasons why you should consider customizing your brand’s packaging.

1. Create brand awareness

Using personalized packaging allows us to transmit values and image that are perceived by the client and make them create an image of our brand in their mind. This packaging must be an extension of the brand and reflect the spirit of the company and be perceived by the consumer to increase the perception of the brand. It is advisable to personalize the brands’ packaging to avoid creating a low-cost brand perception.

2. Improve the experience

Betting on the use of personalized packaging means improving the customer experience. Packaging is part of the purchasing process and is a decisive factor for both branding and customer experience. Using personalized packaging, we ensure that the experience is what you expected or even better. In the case of online purchases, packaging is a very important element since it is the first contact between the brand and the consumer.

3. Protect our product

The packaging not only has to comply with an aesthetic that is in line with the brand and reflects what it really is, it must also protect the product. Investing money in packaging will ensure that the package remains intact and in perfect condition during transportation and storage so that it reaches the customer in optimal condition.

4. Build customer loyalty

Personalized packaging contributes to customer loyalty, as long as quality packaging is used and fits the company’s image. If our personalized packaging is attractive and seduces customers, it is more likely that they will feel comfortable with the brand and the likelihood of making future purchases will increase. This is essential for the company since a loyal customer acts by recommending the brand to others. family and friends.

5. Distinguish my company from the competition

In this sense, differentiation from the competition is key since using personalized packaging distinguishes our products from those of the competition. In a globalized market where there are many similar products, differentiating ourselves is the only way to capture attention; it will also allow us to position ourselves as a higher quality brand that is committed to innovation and design compared to them.

6. Increases proximity to the consumer

When we personalize the packaging, in addition to including our logo, we also indicate other company information such as contact information, address, website, among others. All this makes the company appear much more transparent and closer to the consumer.

If you have reached this post it is because you are considering using or improving packaging in your company or brand. At Prenvés we want to give you a push and launch your brand to the top with packaging customization. Your products from the textile and home sector will have the best packaging and the one that best adapts to your specific needs depending on the products. Visit our website and discover all our packaging solutions.

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